Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bill Donohue Spreading Christ's Love Again

“It is not enough that one foul-mouthed anti-Christian bigot, Amanda Marcotte, has quit. Melissa McEwan must go as well. Either Edwards shows her the door or she bolts on her own. There is no third choice—the Catholic League will see to it that this issue won’t go away.

“The Edwards campaign is in total disarray and the meltdown will continue unless McEwan is removed from his staff. The fact that Marcotte had to quit suggests that Edwards doesn’t have the guts to do what is morally right. He has one more chance—fire McEwan now.”

Well, there you go media, Bill Donohue has spoken. Time to put him back on the air, so he and his cohorts like Alan Keyes, Brent Bozell, and Linda Sanchez can spread the non ideological christian love. Oh, and don't identify him as a leader of a group of conservatives, or politically unmotivated. Donohue is showing such christian spirit, that it would be unseemly to point something so vile like the fact that he is anti-semetic and homophobic out. All he is doing is spreading the good word like the following.

After all, 15-year-olds, they go to abortionists. They get their babies killed without parental consent. The new Puritans [those criticizing The Passion of the Christ] don't seem to worry about that. They like gay sex. They like [the film] The Dreamers, a brother and sister who bathe together and stuff like that. The same people in The New York Times who say this movie, I don't think it's not really right for kids, they have no problems when it comes to sodomy. It's smoking they don't like and Catholicism.

There comes a certain obligation for the people who carry his water in the media. Or at least those of you in the media keep on telling us. Bloggers are of course opinionated, foul mouthed and don't have editors like the professionals do, so we should just sit back and take it while the "experts" do their thing.

I am metaphorically raising my hand in the classroom at this point. Why don't you do your flipping jobs then? Is there anyway, anyhow that Bill Donohue can't be considered a raving lunatic with a political agenda, and how in the hell can you allow him to screech on air about what a democratic candidate should do without offering up to your viewers just the littlest nugget of background information that Bill Donohue would never vote, support, endorse a democratic politician in the first place?

I suggest that Al Franken, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader get a group called Americans for Truth and Justice together, and hire some foul mouthed blowhard to front it? Can he go on the air without comment or context decrying what ever in the hell George W. Bush is thinking? If not, why not?