Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Washington Post Invokes Tom Delay's Law

There is a well known rule on the internet, that if you invoke Hitler, you have lost the argument. This is known as Godwin's law. President Bush of course, with the Washington Post editorial board cheering compared Saddam Hussein to Adolph Hitler which was a pretty offensive characterization.

Today, the Washington Post accuses Congressman Jack Murtha of being the doppleganger of Tom Delay. It's funny. The Post wasn't this hard on Delay when he was in office. Now, that he is out, he is the benchmark for evil corrupt behavior.

John Murtha is no saint. But, to suggest that anybody is the equivalent either morally or behaviorally of Tom Delay is offensive and plain stupid on it's face. When Murtha starts rigging districts, money laundering, setting up something as massive as the K-Street project, getting hooked up with Jack Abramoff, having his daughter jump into hot tubs with lobbyists, maybe we can then talk.

It is fair game for the Washington Post to criticize Murtha for his behavior. This is not what just what they did. It's the same logic that is used by Fox news when comparing corruption in Washington.

Sure Duke Cunningham is in jail, as is Bob Ney, and alot of congressmen were corrupted by Jack Abramoff, and the Justice Department is run amuck, and one of Karl Rove's aides is planning on taking the fifth, and they outed a CIA agent, but but but William Jefferson A DEMOCRAT is corrupt too, so everything equals out.

It does not. The Washington press carried the bags of Ken Starr and the Newt Gingrich/Tom Delay congress as they investigated blowjobs and Socks the cats fan mail during the Clinton era. They were mostly silent during the major abuses of the Tom Delay reign.

To even suggest that Murtha's lapses are close to what Tom Delay did to turn the system into a cesspool is just as offensive as when Hitler's crimes are lessened by comparing him to third rate dictators.